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About His Place

His Place is the brainchild of Rev. Dr. E. Gary Wigle. Known to most as "Pastor Gary", Wigle has assembled one of the most extensive collections of Christian stories, poems and jokes. Pastor Gary also serves the visitors to his site by providing online counseling through email and message forums.

from Pastor Gary:

There's not too much to say about me. I was a major sinner that was saved by the Grace Of God in 1967. I was called to preach soon after that but like Jonah I ran the other way and brought shame to the name of Jesus.

After coming to my right mind I came back and the Father was kind and treated me just as if nothing had happened. Then one night in December of 1994 I prayed as hard as I knew how and told the Lord that I wanted to have a closer walk with Him and that I was ready for whatever that meant.

On the 13th of Feburary 1995 the Lord took control of my life and I found out what it took to follow closer. I woke up that morning and started to get out of bed when I found out that I couldn't get out of bed and I had more pain than I could stand. After much struggle I did make it out of bed and into the bathroom. I was unable to brush my teeth.

The pain was so bad I was almost out of my mind. Six weeks later it was found that the person that read my back X-Rays on Feb.14 had missed one important thing. My back was broken in two places. Lots of tests later the doctor told me that I should start to worry. I was in real trouble. Only two doctors in the State Of Michigan were able to do the needed surgery. The doctor was able to take the pressure off of the spinal cord in one place but not the other. The nerve damage was great since it had gone unnoticed for so long.

We went from a nice 4 bedroom ranch house in the better part of town to a one bedroom farmhouse in the boondocks. Years earlier the Lord had put a great pressure on my heart that we should be debt-free and homeschooling the children. Now I knew why! We depended solely on God for our daily needs. All pride has left me.

The internet has been a great blessing. Here I can visit again and tell others about Jesus. That is how CyberSpace Community Church came about. Then came His Place. I have been very blessed by the jokes, stories and poems I get via e-mail and wanted to share them with others in hope that they too would be blessed. So I became a collector of these e-mails and the better ones were posted at His Place. I make no money from this, only the happiness of knowing that others enjoy the many God-given talents of others. I thank my God for these fine people.

Warmly In Christ,
Pastor Gary

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