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Planting Weeds

No farmer in his right mind would plant weeds. Farmers spend billions of dollars every year trying to prevent weeds from growing, and then billions more killing the weeds that do grow. So why would a farmer go out into his field and plant weeds?

I know one farmer who did just that...unknowingly. Our family garden is in a field behind our house. The field is full of weeds and grass, and we fight a continual battle to keep the garden clean (we usually lose). One way to stop weeds is to put down some kind of mulch, which covers the soil and keeps weeds from getting started. Last year, I was going to mulch my pumpkin patch, and since the field was freshly mowed, I grabbed some of the tall field grass and put that down in my garden. It seemed to help some, but the weeds eventually won anyway.

This week, I was just about to do the same thing and I mentioned it to Laura. She said, "You realize that grass is full of weed seeds, don't you?" Now I'm a relatively bright guy, but there are days you wouldn't know it. Rather than invest a little time getting some "clean" mulch, I was going to grab the closest thing and throw it on. In the process, I was going to fill my garden with enough weeds and weed seeds to completely consume it. I finally understood why the weeds were so persistent last year: I was replanting them myself in the mulch I was using.

In Luke 8, Jesus tells a story about a man who was planting crops. The soil wasn't very good in most of his field, but in a spot or two, the ground was fertile and the crops flourished. But what if, just after his crops came up, the farmer had planted weeds in the same field. The results would have been very different.

When the word was planted in your heart, you received it with joy. It began to grow and you began to produce fruit in the kingdom. So why would you then plant "weeds" in that field? Every time you read something suggestive or listen to gossip you plant weeds. Every time you watch a profane movie or listen to a filthy radio program, you plant weeds. In fact, if you are not investing time planting good seed, it won't take long for the weeds to completely overtake the field.

Are you having trouble producing spiritual fruit in your life? Maybe you should stop planting weeds in your field.

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